Local business marketing and SEO

My name’s Sue and I’m a qualified web marketer and SEO expert.

I’m confident enough to say to local businesses

“Don’t Pay me UNTIL You See Results”

No more wasting your money on empty promises from supposed SEO experts who deplete your marketing budget and leave you with nothing to show for the money you spent

How many times have you been approached by a Marketing or SEO company and been told “Give us X pounds and we guarantee we’ll get your website ranked #1 on Google for 5 key words or phrases?”

If yours is like most local businesses I’ve spoken with, it’s become a weekly event. Emails, letters and phone calls flood your office, all promising the same thing: a website ranking high in the search engines for a variety of key words.

The problem most firms experience is two-fold:

(1) All of the marketing firms want most, or all of the money up front; and

(2) You never rank well for the “money” keywords.

So after paying out £3-12,000 and having zero new clients to show for it, you start over with a new company, or give up on the internet altogether as a source of new client referrals.

Why ranking high in the search engines for the “money” keywords is SO IMPORTANT for a local business (and why you should contact Sioux immediately)!

Recent studies have shown that more than 80% of UK consumers turn to the Internet FIRST when looking for a product or service they need.

That means 4 out of 5 prospective clients start their search online…NOT in the Yellow Pages!

And if you look at the reason from the perspective of the client it makes sense: ALL Yellow Pages ads are limited in size and therefore contain limited information. Usually just the firm’s name and address.

But in your website, the amount of information you can provide to a prospective client is nearly unlimited: Pictures, videos, audio content, press releases, articles you authored and awards you’ve received are just some of what the client wants to see (or hear) to make the decision to hire you.

Sadly, you can build the most awesome website ever produced for a local firm, and still have it buried on page five of the Google search results for the most important keywords.

Why does Google do this to you?

Simply put, Google and all the other search engines are looking for certain types of information, both on your website (on-page optimisation) and on other sites that link back to you (off-page optimisation).

If your site is missing most of this crucial information, Google will decide that your site fails to meet the needs of the researchers looking for information related to your keywords, and they will bury you in the back pages of the search results.

How Important is it to Find Your Site on Page One of Google?

For the last several years, Google has attracted around 65-70% of all Internet searches. That means 7 out of 10 prospective clients use Google to find a local business in your specialty.

About 42% of those searchers never look past the first 3 listings found on page one of the search results.

85% never look past the first page of search results. Of the remaining 15% only 1% looks past page two of the search results.

This means that 99% of the people who use the Internet to find a local business never look past page two of the search results.

If you are on page 5, 6 or 7 of the results for a particular keyword, you are essentially invisible.

So How Do I Get My Site to Page One on Google?

Getting to page one for the various key word and phrases used by people who want to hire a local business is not all that complicated…it just takes some time and a cohesive plan to incorporate most or all of the factors Google looks for when ranking a site.

As an expert in ranking local business websites in many cities in the UK on page one of the Google search results, I know precisely what Google wants to see, when they want to see it and where they expect to find it.

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