Where does your business rank in local searches? Get Local!

People are searching for you, daily. They need you whether you realize it or not. Consumers search the internet on a daily basis using keywords related to your local business. With the proper tools, expertise and approach, your business can rank higher in the major search engines.

We will raise your ranking!
Local search engine optimization is different from organic search engine optimization. But we use a general protocol:

1. Local Page and Site Optimization
We employ a number of on-page SEO strategies to make your site and specific pages relevant for geographic and keywords location. Using the right hCard format is a critical and important step during this process.

2. Local Listing Optimization

Google Places Local Listing

Optimizing profiles in the major search engines, such as Bing, Google and Yahoo is the next critical phase in the local search engine ranking process. We optimize the profiles with keywords, videos, photos, and precise categories so that search engine users can find you with ease. For standardization purposes, we will match your business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) to that of the post office.

  1. Local Search Platforms & Citations
    Local Citation
    Local citations are akin to backlinks for organic search. Therefore, if a local search platform or website lists your business with a corresponding business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP), this gives your business a ranking authority, the same way backlinks affect organic search ranking. We list your business in 240 local search platforms, providing your business with the citations it requires to rank higher in local searches.
  2. Local Profile Review Strategy

Gold Star Reviews
Customer reviews increase your local search engine ranking. Together, we shall design a strategy to bring your business credible and honest customer reviews on local listing profiles. Because it will not be proper to provide bulk reviews, we will consult you on the best strategies for getting the correct number of quality reviews.

  1. Local Link Building
    Obtaining backlinks from local and geo-targeted sites is very crucial for local search engine ranking. We identify local blogs, discussion forums and news sources which might offer an opportunity for your site to get a link.


Results of a Local SEO program

There are three main reasons why you need to incorporate local search engine optimization strategies to the web development of your business. These are:
Higher Search Engine Rankings
Increased local search engine ranking will give your business and site excellent exposure. This translates to more online traffic to your site.

Return on Investment (ROI)
Local search engine optimization is a fantastic marketing strategy that brings great return on investment (ROI). We always share realistic goals on what kinds of traffic you expect after obtaining higher search engine ranking. We achieve this through advanced keyword research, which includes keyword query volume figures which change from one month to another. Some keywords can create numerous visits per month, while other clients require only a few converted users to bring return on investment cost of celebrex.
Peace of Mind

When a local SEO company monitors your site, you will have peace of mind. We have the right tools to monitor your website and detect any ranking anomalies. We can then employ the right actions to get your site back to the top. You will have the peace of mind to run your business. It is a no worry SEO management.

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